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2016 DEKA SmartXide Touch CO2 Laser

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Combining bipolar radiofrequency with CO2 laser, SmartXide Touch from Italian manufacturer DEKA treats indications such as fine lines and wrinkles, lax skin, rough texture, enlarged pores and acne scarring.

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2016 DEKA SmartXide Touch CO2 Laser

SmartXide Touch DOT/RF
CO₂ Laser with Radiofrequency (RF) and CO₂ Scanner with Bipolar Radiofrequency

Especially designed for Aesthetic Medicine, Dermatological Surgery, MonaLisa Touch treatment and laser-assisted hair transplantation

Key to Strength in Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatological surgery:

Gold standard for wrinkles and Skin flabbiness

Maximum flexibility for any treatment area and skin type

Top safety for sensible areas like neck, cleavage and periocular

RF CO₂ source empowered by PSD (Pulse Shape Design) technology:
Minimum thermal damage
Minimum invasiveness
Faster recovery time

A unique scanner for the new treatment of Laser-Assisted Hair Transplantation that grants faster treatments for better results.

DEKA SmartXide Touch CO2 Laser with HiScan DOT/RF

HiScan DOT/RF combines the advantage of microablative laser treatment with RF energy. Thanks to this scanner tailored treatments to each patients’ needs are possible, since it guarantees maximum flexibility.

Customizable operational parameters:

Pulse shape, power and dwell time
Scan shape and size Distance between DOTs
Bipolar Radiofrequency

This flexibility is especially useful in more complex treatments such as scars, cutaneous pigmentation, deep rhytidosis, and in the darkest skin phototypes. SmartXide Touch DOT/RF minimizes the risk of PIH (Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation).

Scar 3

The Optimized Technology for Scar-related issues.
The SCAR 3 scanning system has been developed to offer a solution for the treatment of scars, extolling the characteristics of the DEKA CO2 laser systems.
This innovative scanning system acts deep down to deal with even the most complex problems.


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