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2021 Glacial RX CryoAesthetic

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– Cryomodulation uses a blast of cold energy to hinder melanin production which assists the process of breaking down the root cause of age spots. The cooling process also allows for an overall brightening of the skin, leading to reduced redness and evening out skin tone.
– GlacialRX provides skin with a refreshing sensation, reduces redness and inflammation, accelerates exfoliation, and brightens your skin tone. These benefits are possible without surgical intervention, and treatment generally takes less than an hour.
– Cool: The cold plate is applied to a spot for 15-20 seconds; no topical anesthetics or numbing agents needed.
– Calm: The cooling handpiece is gently moved across the face to reduce redness and puffiness, clearing the way for skin to better absorb potent topicals.
– Protect: Serums containing protective antioxidants and brightening agents can be applied, shielding the skin from environmental aggressors. Post-treatment take-home topical offerings, formulated with skin-benefical plant derived actives, aid in skin recovery, accelerate skin’s desquamation process and re-epithelialization, and dramatically boost antioxidant activity to fight free radical damage.

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2021 Glacial RX CryoAesthetic

Glacial® Rx provides treatment with an unparalleled level of versatility. With this breakthrough platform, providers can tailor treatment to the individual needs and desires of patients in a variety of ways. Experience the flexibility of Glacial® Rx:

Design treatment sessions from 3 different modalities: cooling followed by dermabrasion, continuous cooling, and targeted freezing.

Deliver Glacial® Rx as a standalone treatment or combine it with other heat- or light-based treatments for optimal outcomes.

Patients will experience brighter, calmer skin immediately after treatment, with great results seen as long as 3 months after treatment.

At three months post-treatment, patients reported overall brighter skin, improvement of benign lesions, and more even skin tone.

CryoAesthetics™ Technology harnesses the power of cold to fight inflammation and brighten skin, reduce redness and accelerate exfoliation to reveal radiant skin and remove benign lesions.

One degree can make a difference. As the leader in precision cooling, CryoAesthetics™ resets skin based on each patient’s aesthetic needs.

– Manufacturer R2 Technologies
– Model: GlacialRX
– Dermal Cooling System:
– REF: M1-CO-120-00
– S/N: RX-0027
– MFR Date: 05-27-2021
– GlacialRX 7mm Handpiece
– REF: M1-HP-007-00
– S/N: 110074
– MFR Date: 08-11-2021
– GlacialRX In-Treatment Kit
– REF: M1-FK-001-00
– EXP Date: 07/01/2023

2021 Glacial RX CryoAesthetic Includes:
– GlacialRX CryoAesthetic Cryomodulation System
– GlacialRX 7mm Handpiece
– GlacialRX In-Treatment Kit
– (2x) Handpiece Tips
– Post Treatment Take Home Kit
– GlacialRX: Peel, Mask, Moisturizer
– GlacialRX: Mist & Serum
– GlacialRX Treatment Card
– Power Cord


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