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2022 Carl Zeiss Cirrus 6000 OCT

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The next-generation OCT from ZEISS, delivering high-speed image capture with HD imaging detail and a wider field of view so you can make more informed decisions and spend more time with the patients who need it.



2022 Carl Zeiss Cirrus 6000 OCT

Carl Zeiss Cirrus 6000 OCT Technical Specifications:

Methodology: Spectral-domain OCT
Optical source: Superluminescent diode (SLD), 840 nm
A-scan depth: 2.0 – 2.9 mm (in tissue)
Scan speed: 100,000 A-scans per second
Min. pupil diameter: 2.0 mm
• Axial resolution
• Transverse resolution
5 μm (in tissue), 1.95 μm (digital)
15 μm (in tissue)
Refractive error adjustment: -20D to +20D (dopters)
• Axial resolution
• Transverse resolution
5 μm (in tissue), 1.95 μm (digital)
15 μm (in tissue)
Posterior Segment scans:
Cube scan (Macula and Optic Disc)
HD Raster (1, 5, 21-line, cross and radial); Raster scan length 3-12 mm;
image averaging up to 100x
3×3, 6×6, 8×8, 12×12 mm (Macula); 4.5×4.5 mm (Optic Nerve Head);
14×10 mm (Montage), 14×14 mm (Montage)

Faster, wider with a new level of detail

At 100,000 scans per second, ZEISS CIRRUS 6000 enables clinicians to image a larger field of view up to 12mm in a single scan. It also captures high-defintion (HD) OCT and OCT Angiography (OCTA) scans, revealing the finer microvascular details of the retina and providing more insight into your patient’s condition.

Increased efficiency in the ophthalmological practice

Cirrus 6000 OCT is the latest product development in the portfolio of OCT devices designed to meet the needs of all specialist areas of ophthalmologists in practices and clinics. According to the manufacturer, the device offers customers high speeds and high throughput, so that even more patients can be examined faster with improved imaging and image quality.

The technical characteristics of the new Cirrus 6000 have been developed with the aim of speed; Faster scans mean better image quality. The images generated by the new Cirrus 6000 are the result of an innovative technological update and represent the state of the art in digital imaging.

Cirrus 6000 Key Features

Wider and deeper OCT/OCTA scans with 12x12mm OCTA and a B-scan depth of up to 2.9mm
HD AngioPlex – a new scan type that provides even more detail
New workflow protocols to increase efficiency
Patient-friendly “Wellness report” for enlightened patient communication
OCTA scan with 12x12mm field of view and 2.9mm depth
OCT scans are 270% faster than previous Cirrus generation, and OCTA scans are 43% faster than previous Cirrus AngioPlex
Exclusive analysis protocols based on PanoMap analysis
Through the DICOM protocol and the Zeiss Forum platform


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