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2022 Deka Onda Plus

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PLUS Handpiece to stimulate microcirculation, maximising the treatment and banishing cellulite.

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2022 Deka Onda Plus

Onda Plus
Relentless Evolution in Body Contouring
3 treatments in 1: localized adiposities, cellulite and skin laxity all in a single application.
PLUS Handpiece to stimulate microcirculation, maximising the treatment and banishing cellulite.
The patient experiences an even more comfortable treatment.
DEKA Aesthetics
Microwaves 2.45 GHz
Medical Fields
Non Invasive Body Shaping

Taking Coolwaves® to the Max: Relentless Evolution in Body Contouring

With Coolwaves®, Onda Plus acts on cellulitis, localized adiposities and skin laxity all over the body, in particular on the abdomen, thighs, hips and submental area. It dissolves fat, tightens and contours the skin, firming up tissues. Through a new handpiece that acts on microcirculation Onda Plus maximizes the efficacy of Coolwaves®, offering a complete body shaping treatment and optimizing results in total safety and short time.

2022 Deka Onda Plus Accessories
3 handpieces for complete body treatment: Shallow , Deep and PLUS

In addition to Deep and Shallow – specifically designed to emit Coolwaves® in a controlled manner focusing energy on fat, skin laxity and cellulite – Onda Plus features a new handpiece, designed for draining massage, thus maximising the effects of Coolwaves® technology. Conceived as a result of the experience with Coolwaves® technology, the new PLUS handpiece was developed to interact with it. It emits airflow which in turn generates a series of waves that propagate on the treated area, reactivating the superficial microcirculation, thus accelerating the natural return of bodily fluids.

Thermal Viewer:an additional aid in the proper execution of the treatment (optional)

With the Thermal Viewer Kit it is possible to monitor the treatment execution on the treated area and the distribution of warmth through the thermal camera and the connected tablet.


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