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Elysion Pro Laser Hair Removal

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Elysion Pro Laser Hair Removal treatments offer faster results with fewer treatments required and thanks to its advanced technology, the Elysion Pro is suitable for use on all skin types, all year round!

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Elysion Pro Laser Hair Removal

Elysion-Pro Laser Hair Removal

The Elysion (810nm) system is a Next Generation laser hair removal system, and new standard for energy delivered based on the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine. The Elysion diode delivers practices today with the latest and most modern enhancements including both Diode and (Ultra-Short Pulse) energy delivered technology, capable of delivering much greater energy and under less time than ever before. The Elysion diode system is the perfect laser hair removal machine to buy or add for any medical practice looking for a safe, fast, effective or more comfortable professional laser hair removal machine to buy for the business.
Elysion Pro Laser Hair Removal The Best Professional Diode Laser Hair Removal System to Buy?

The Elysion diode system is a perfect option for most any business buying a professional diode laser hair removal machine. The Elyison is a suitable choice for any new business, office, established practice, or any hospital group that is interested in buying or adding a professional laser hair removal machine to specialize in the treatment or service offerings of laser hair removal for all skin types, all-year-round, including Fitzpatrick I – VI, and tanned skin. With the Elysion diode laser your business can take advantage of all the major and added benefits, including; the acquisition of new equipment, affordable pricing, greater ROI, lower operating costs, extendable warranties, reliable service, durability and long term use.
Are There Any Consumables or Hidden Costs?

No, the Elysion-pro laser, just like it’s successor the Primelase, does not have any expensive hidden fees, costs, or consumables. This series of professional laser hair removal machines are very reliable and straightforward, and offer businesses today with the most additions and added benefits. There are no consumable fees or hidden costs associated with the Elysion professional laser hair removal machine diode system.
Is the Elysion (810nm) Diode Laser Difficult to Use?

Built with a large 10.4” Touch Screen and ready-to-navigate with intuitive software, the Elysion professional laser hair removal machine is very simple to use, with adjustable settings, and intuitive software design built for ease of use for the operator. Operator navigation, settings, and adjustment is exceptionally friendly to find ease of use when navigating or operating the Eslysion diode laser system.
What Makes the Elysion the Best Professional Laser Today?

Combined with high energy, deep absorption, variable pulse width, faster delivery (Ultra-Short Pulse) technology, and arguably the best diode hand piece in the industry, the Elysion diode is designed to provide better efficiency, exceptional comfort and maximum results. The Elysion utilizes up to 2000W of diode energy to deliver the precise control of adjusted or tailored energy based on the needs of skin, and while additionally protecting, limiting and protecting the surrounding area of skin.
What are the Major Benefits of the Elysion Laser System?

The 810nm wavelength, a Gold Standard in Laser Hair Removal Treatments
FDA Cleared (All Skin Types, Small or Large Areas + Tanned Skin)
Latest Generation in Diode Lasers (Static or Dynamic Mode)
Effective Treatments – High Melanin Absorption
Low Cost to Maintain – Low Cost to Operate
Major Return on Investment – High ROI
Ultra-short Pulse Delivery – High Efficacy
High Peak Power (2000W / 140j Delivery)
Wide Range – Pulse Duration – Less Time on Skin
Exceptionally Fast Speeds (Up to 15Hz)
Deeper Penetration & Faster Results
Crystal Freeze – Maximum Comfort Cooling
No Down Time – Schedule Lunch Break Treatments!


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