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K-Laser Cube 4 Plus Medical Therapy

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K-Laser Cube 4 Plus Medical Therapy

K-Laser Cube allows adjustment of energy delivered depending on the factors involved, thanks to selected menus that are graphically intuitive. Increased power and the wavelengths available play a crucial role in the success of the laser therapy.
According to the kind of pain experienced by the patient, K-Laser Cube makes it possible to select specific treatments.
K-Laser Cube, besides analysing body morphology and the types of tissues, also takes into account another crucial factor for our skin: melanin. Thanks to its innovative parameters, K-Laser Cube recognises the skin’s six phototypes, taking into account every pre-set protocol variant.

K-Laser Cube 4 Plus Medical Therapy

K-Laser Cube 4 Plus Medical Therapy features include:

  • New v2.0 Software
  • 4 wavelengths (660nm, 800nm, 905nm, 970 nm)
    Can be emitted simultaneously or in any combination
  • 1​​5 Watts Continuous Wave (CW) AVERAGE POWER
    ​20 Watts Intense Super Pulse (ISP)
    More power means shorter treatment times and faster ROI
  • Pulsing frequence can be adjusted from 1Hz up to 20,000Hz
  • Up to 12 phases configurable in one treatement session
  • Can be used with presets or manual mode
  • Treatments can be modified and saved if needed
  • New powerful laser diode module results in efficient treatment times and rapidly delivered dosages for a variety of morphologies
  • New nanoceramic scratch-resistant anti-corrosive protective coating on hand piece
  • New standby mode increases battery life and decreases boot up time
  • Incorporated Wi-Fi antenna – for instant software update
  • New PLUS optics producing a unique Homogeneous Beam Profile (HBP)
    Most consistent and safest application
  • More robust PLUS protective stainless steel fiber optic sheath for increased durability
  • Faster microprocessor yields accelerated function with more detailed graphics and faster touchcreen
  • Portability: About 1.3 kg including including Li-Ion battery
  • Service and repair
  • Warranty: 4 Years


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