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Nidek Santinelli LE-1000 Express

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The all-gear driven mechanisms of the Le 1000 Express Lens Edger provide a high level of accuracy and durability. The model has recently been upgraded providing a 20% faster processing cycle, yet with “whisper quiet” operation.



Nidek Santinelli LE-1000 Express

The Santinelli Le 1000 Patternless Edger delivers the ease of use, accuracy, and superior quality the industry has come to expect.

Nidek Santinelli LE-1000 Express FEATURES

  • Heavy-Duty, Durable Mechanism – The Le 1000 is designed with the most advanced CAD (Computer Aided Design) components. A direct drive gear system maintains cylindrical axis with every cut. Size is controlled by a newly designed Y-axis direct drive assembly with a specialized servo motor, achieving consistent high precision results. An integrated stabilizer keeps the chucking pressure consistent, yet without harming lens coatings. Together, these components result in a heavy-duty, durable mechanism.
  • Grooving & Safety Beveling – The Le 1000 features a specially designed grooving wheel, which achieves a superior groove quality with “pin-point” accuracy. A reduced grooving wheel diameter, set at the optimal angle, grooves highly
    curved lenses flawlessly. A newly designed safety beveling wheel provides accurate and consistent design and appearance of safety bevel on any lens. Safety bevel, either on front and rear, or rear only, is selectable.
  • High Efficiency Spindle Motor – With its direct drive main motor and wheel spindle, the Le 1000 offers extremely high
    reliability. In terms of electricity consumption, this motor is significantly efficient compared to general A/C motors.
  • Reduced Water Volume – Typically, when a lens edger is connected to direct water, there is a large amount of water consumption. But with the Le 1000, the amount of water used is reduced by 40%* in comparison to our conventional model. (*When processing CR-39 or high index lenses.)
  • Integrated Air Duct Deodorization – Incorporating a duct to attach hoses for connecting deodorization equipment and ventilation fans to control the smell during lens processing.
  • High-Precision 3-D Frame Tracer – The Le 1000 incorporates a tracer into the main console, which realizes the world’s smallest footprint. With its user-friendly design, frame setting position can be easily observed during the tracing process.
  • Chuck Pressure Stabilizer – An integrated stabilizer keeps the chuck pressure consistent, without harming lens coatings. The chuck pressure is maintained and stabilized to avoid unnecessary lens distortion and coating damage throughout the edging cycle.
  • Easy Shape Editor – With the Le 1000’s Easy Shape Editor, lens shape width and height can be easily altered. Changing the height of drill mount frames for improved progressive lenses’ layout is easily achieved.
  • Color-Coded Lens Identification – The R/L indicator lamp helps operators to correctly identify right and left lenses in combination with the use of green and red cups.
  • Nidek Santinelli LE-1000 Express Soft Grinding Mode – The Le 1000 features Soft Grinding Mode for processing slippery super-hydrophobic coated lenses, avoiding axis shift and lens crazing. Our technology of axis stability is outstanding in the industry.


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