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VeinSight VS500 Vein Finder Handheld

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VS500 is the latest model of VeinSight, and it’s the winner of Germany Red dot design award. It not only has elegant design, it also has amazing techlology buide inside.
VS500 is one of the most advanced vein finder in the international market. It has three features that you can not find in other brand, Vein center line, saving vein image and distance indication.

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VeinSight VS500 Vein Finder Handheld

The VeinSight VS500 was recently named the winner of the Germany Red Dot Design Award. But this vein finder is more than just a machine that is pretty to look at.

It also comes with a number of high value features. For example:

Feature #1 – Ability to Save Vein Images

That’s right, users can save real-time vein images produced by the device. Users can check the image by projecting it on the skin and they can also connect their VS500 with a computer so that the image can be exported to a PC. This allows medical professionals or other users to compare vein images before and after a procedure.

Feature #2 – Distance Sensor

The VeinSight VS500 also comes with a built-in distance sensor that allows users to find the best projecting distance to ensure a clear vein image. Many medical professionals place vein finding devices too close or too far away to get the best, most detailed image. The VeinSight VS500 automatically turns on a yellow light when the ideal projecting distance has been exceeded.

Feature #3 – Vein Center Line

VeinSight VS500 also includes a vein center line feature that helps users locate veins with a much higher success rate.

VeinSight VS500 Vein Finder Handheld Conclusion

There is a lot to like about the VeinSight VS500. For instance, it is small and lightweight, which makes it easy to hold and to use and very convenient to operate.

Another extremely useful feature of this device is the vein image transfer option as this makes it very easy for doctors and others to compare veins before and after a procedure, such as a vascular surgery.

Something else that users of this device appreciate is its ability to deliver precise vein location. The clear images produced by the device allow for comprehensive assessment of vein condition. Plus, the center line display helps deliver precise puncture paths.

By the way, this vein finder works by projecting near infrared light onto the skin. That light is then absorbed by blood but reflected by surrounding tissue. This discrepancy allows for the creation of images that accurately display veins. The VeinSight VS500 takes all that information and creates vein images that are then projected onto the skin.

If you are wondering about the differences between the new VS500 and the previous VS400 vein finder model … the VS500 is more user friendly thanks to its distance sensor and center line features.


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