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2016 VaserLipo Vaser VentX PowerX Ultrasound

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Tumescent Infusion – Tumescent fluid containing small gas bubbles 5 to 10 microns in size is infused throughout targeted fat tissue. Tight junctions between cells within blood vessel walls and connective tissues prevent gas bubbles from interspersing among and affecting these tissues.1

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2016 VaserLipo Vaser VentX PowerX Ultrasound

The VASER® System Advantage:
Provides surgeons with advanced technology compared to traditional liposuction:
– Decreased surgeon fatigue1
– Enhanced skin retraction2
– Less pain, swelling, and downtime3
– Less post-operative discomfort4-6
Can treat multiple areas in a single procedure4
Results seen as early as 1 week with precise sculpting7

2016 VaserLipo Vaser VentX PowerX Ultrasound

VASER® is precise ultrasound-assisted technology combining mechanical and acoustic fragmentation/emulsification
of fat, designed to optimize procedure speed and efficiency while minimizing trauma to surrounding tissue.1-3

Replaceable Suction Filter
Easy access to filter location for trapping any overflowing fat/fluids

VASER® Ultrasonic Amplifier
Efficient fragmentation of fatty tissue using continuous and/or pulsed wave energy with convenience display to track activation time

VentX® Infiltration & Aspiration Console
Quiet, efficient removal of fatty tissue with precise suction pressure control to preserve fat cell viability3-6

VASERlipo system
Precision Fluid Management™ System
Simplified and precise tracking of fluid by measuring infiltrate volume up to 4500mL

Universal Canister/Utility Rack
Adaptable sliding slots allow attachment of up to four 1,250cc collection canisters or other utilities and accessories

Peristaltic Infiltration Pump (not visible)
Smooth infiltration that is adjustable
and reversible

Wireless Footswitch (optional)
Untethered positioning for convenient and easy control over infiltration and ultrasound activation

Cavitation – Acoustic energy delivered through an ultrasonic probe results in rapid formation and collapse of bubbles in the tumescent fluid, dislodging clusters of intact fat cells with minimal (if any) impact on vessels, nerves, and other tissues.2-4,6

Acoustic streaming – Grooves on ultrasonic probe generate strong localized fluid forces, further separating dislodged fat clusters into smaller clumps, which can be used during fat grafting procedures.1,2,4-6



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