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Aloka Prosound F75

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Our Ultra Premium F75 ultrasound system is designed for maximum flexibility and utility across multiple imaging environments. Exam results are obtained with fewer keystrokes which allows you to focus on the patient rather than on system operation. The F75 is supports multiple clinical applications with a very wide selection of probes and outstanding image quality.

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Aloka Prosound F75

The Aloka Prosound F75 is a high-performance ultrasound system designed for a wide range of clinical applications. With advanced imaging technologies and intuitive user interface, it delivers exceptional image quality and diagnostic accuracy. Its ergonomic design and customizable features make it a versatile and reliable tool for healthcare professionals.

The ProSound F75 supports various scan methods and a diversified lineup of speciality probes gives you a wide variety of imaging capabilities to meet all your imaging needs. The new high-efficiency SmartProbes™ are very lightweight and designed to be high in energy conversion to transmit high-quality ultrasound beams without raising the temperature on the probe surface.

The Aloka Prosound F75 acknowledges the needs of performing examinations in a natural posture without stress or discomfort. The monitor and operation panel have a wide range of movement, which enables reduction of the operator’s muscle load up to 20%. Another factor is automation of operation, to make examinations flow smoother. The machine allows simple operation so the operator can concentrate on the examination in comfort.

The ProSound F75 covers numerous applications in one console, with its wide variety of probes, measurement/report package, and many other factors. Affordable cost of ownership is guaranteed due to the reliable system design and easy-to-upgrade software. With simple and intuitive operation, new users can easily learn to operate the system.


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