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3Shape E3 Dental Scanner Desktop

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3Shape E3 Red Scanner was engineered with high productivity and affordability in mind. the E3 is a high performance scanner that is ideal for implant bar accuracy.

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3Shape E3 Dental Scanner Desktop

The E3 Features:
Latest Technologies – Blue LED and multi-line scanning for optimal detail capture and accuracy
Auto Start For High Productivity – No need to press a button; starts scanning as soon as you place the model inside
Fast Scanning – Amazing scan speeds let you complete more cases in less time
Reliable Impression Scanning – Scan impressions directly without pouring a model, saving time and costs
Best Value For Your Money – Get advanced scanning features and CAD design workflows at an affordable price

The 3Shape E3 Scan Only Orthodontic Scanner quickly captures plaster models and impressions and uses dedicated tools to achieve perfect occlusion. The E3 scans silicone or alginate impressions, and plaster casts, creating accurate digital study models in just a few clicks, now 20% faster.

Color texture scanning captures extreme detail for excellent clinical results. E3 utilizes an open STL file format for flexibility and easy integration. Patented Adaptive Impression Scanning ensures that the full geometry is captured. High performance and implant bar accuracy.

Desktop Computer Mouse and Keyboard included.
Monitor Not included.

3Shape E3 Dental Scanner Desktop Included in Package

Object Scanner
(3) Interface Plate
Scan Height Adaptor
Articulator Calibration
Object Articulator
Transfer Plate of choice
2-Cast Fixture
Wax-up Fixture
Software Package: ScanIt Orthodontics, 3Shape Communicate Inbox, Ortho Analyzer, Study Model Builder (Incl. STL output)


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