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iTero Element 2 Dental Digital Intra-Oral Scanner

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iTero Element 2 Digital Intra-Oral Scanner is an Intuitive, Versatile Intraoral Scanner for Improved Patient Treatment. With faster processing and sharper digital images, the iTero Element 2 improves on the original Element intraoral scanner.

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iTero Element 2 Dental Digital Intra-Oral Scanner

DSD App integration
The Digital Smile Design App is now exclusively integrated with iTero Element 2 intraoral scanners to help you focus more of your time on what matters most: treatment. Bringing you a truly seamless, end-to-end digital integration that lets you scan, plan, motivate and treat patients in one continuous workflow.

Brings innovation to visualisation
iTero Element 2 delivers fast scan processing, enhanced1 ergonomics and high-definition colour imaging, making it the appropriate partner for the modern practice.

iTero Element 2 Dental Digital Intra-Oral Scanner Features:

Fast, Real Colours, Calibration Free
16:4 Wide 21,5” Touchscreen for Ease of Use
Powerful & Fast Images Processing
Integrated Battery for Uninterrupted Scanning
Restorative Software
Orthodontic Software & Connectivity (Invisalign)
Digital Smile Design Integration for Aesthetics & Orthodontics
iTero TimeLapse Technology Tool to Visualise Oral Health Changes Over Time
Occlusal Clearance Tool for Tooth Preparation Analysis
Technical & Clinical Support
Unlimited Cloud Based Scan Storage
Provides open STL files for Third Party Software
Chairside CAD and Milling Connectivity
Restorative Lab Connectivity
Orthodontic Lab Connectivity

Elevate your dental expertise with iTero and optimise your restorative workflows

Transform your practice and your chairside consults. Help your patients visualise their potential treatment results and make them feel more engaged about their treatments.

Benefit from digital workflows for all your treatments: Digitise Your Practice!

iTero Element 2 Digital Intra-Oral Scanner Optimise your Restorative Workflows with dental laboratory and chairside system connectivity
Plan your Orthodontic Treatments with Invisalign clear aligners
Create Facially-Driven Smile Designs and aligners through DSD App integration
Go beyond what the eye can see with the near-infrared imaging (NIRI) Caries Detection Aid Technology
Detect and monitor oral change overtime with iTero TimeLapse Technology
Improve your Guided Surgery Planning with highly accurate 3D models in real colours
Change the way you run your practice. Get Digitilised!

Reduce chair time
Increase productivity
Improve efficiency, processes and outcomes
Don’t just tell your patients they need treatment. Show Them Why!

Patient communication and education
Attractive marketing tool and practice differentiator
Patient treatment acceptance
Visualise your patient’s past…
Changes in oral health can be hard to monitor over time, and even harder to illustrate without clear visuals to support. Scan at every visit to collect comprehensive digital records. Enable proactive discussion of treatment options with iTero TimeLapse Technology.

Use the Dynamic 3D Display and Real Colour Scans to visualise your patient diagnosis and education on oral health.

and future potential smile.
Invisalign Treatment
Show patients what their teeth could look like after tooth movement with the Invisalign Outcome Simulator. Then use the Invisalign Progress Assessment tool throughout treatment to inspire confidence and motivate compliance with a tailored plan.



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