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Deka SmartXide² Trio CO2 Laser

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SmartXide² Trio platform is unique with CO2 with articulated arm, CO2 with hollow Fibre & 2 Diode laser wavelengths (940/980nm) with Fibre, ALL IN ONE SYSTEM.

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Deka SmartXide² Trio CO2 Laser

By combining Diode laser (a choice of 940 or 980nm) emission, CO2 articulated arm emission and the CO2 Fibre, DEKA developed an extremely versatile system that allows for unique results.

The DEKA SmartXide2 Trio CO2 laser system provides advanced multifunctional features for use in ENT, GYN, Neurosurgery and General Surgery procedures. SmartXide2 Trio is a unique Laser System endorsing both Arm and Fibre CO2 delivery plus optional Diode Laser source. Each system is equipped with dedicated hand-pieces as well as micromanipulator and scanners with Computer Pattern Generator for precise, high accuracy treatments.

DEKA innovative CO2 Ultrapulsed RF laser source provides users with the exclusive PSD® (Pulse Shape Design) technology able to generate specially designed pulses for surgical applications (S-pulse, D-pulse, H-pulse, U-pulse and the CW mode), and allows for total synergy with the EndoScan and HiScan Surgical robotic scanning systems.

With EasySpot Hybrid + HiScan Surgical the surgeon can take it easy. Easy Control. Easy Filed. Easy Focus.

Deka SmartXide² Trio CO2 Laser
Unique, TRIO

Designed to enhance surgeon capabilities SmartXide2 TRIO is the new era of laser surgical innovation.
Precision, reproducibility and safety are the main plus of the intuitive SmartXide2 TRIO. The System provides both articulated arm and high-performance hollow fibers CO2 delivery together with High Power Diode laser module with dedicated fibers.

Smartxide² TRIO Quick Wins:

Surgical innovation of the Three-in-One technology for maximum versatility in all surgical environments, especially in the OR of hospitals and clinics.

New Sealed RF excited CO2 laser source providing Pulsed Shape Design technology (PSD®), to select pulses for various clinical indications.

CO2 Laser flexible hollow fiber for delicate and smart tissue management, to achieve maximum thermal control and surgical precision.

Additional High Power Diode Laser module, that means a second wavelength, to complete the clinical indications.

Highly accuracy microspot micromanipulators with surgical scanners, and complete sets of surgical handpieces, for each specialty enables surgeons to operate with precision and reproducibility of any surgical treatment.

Clinically validated and approved also for both “ONE SHOT Stapedotomy” performed with both with CO2 laser and High power Diode laser module, and “MonaLisa Touch” for GSM patients.

RF Excited CO₂ Laser Source and PSD® Technology

The SmartXide2 TRIO RF-excited CO2 sealed Laser source offers high power and speed of action. The newest PSD® (Pulse Shape Design) technology, generates variable peak pulses with different structure, duration and power to adapt to the various clinical conditions.


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