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Itero 5D Plus Dental Intraoral Scanner for CADCAM

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iTero Element 5D Plus is a handheld intraoral scanner that helps dentists scan patients’ mouths to create three-dimensional images in minutes. These images facilitate the dentist to produce correct physical dental models for restorative work, veneers, and implants as orthodontics such as Invisalign.

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Itero 5D Plus Dental Intraoral Scanner for CADCAM

What Does the iTero Element 5D Do?
The iTero Element 5D scanner is an instrument we use to take detailed, three-dimensional scans of patients’ teeth. It can thus play a huge role in helping us plan for Invisalign, crowns, and other procedures wherein we need to know the exact dimensions of teeth.

However, saying that the iTero Element 5D is just a digital impressions tool would oversimplify its abilities. It can also:

Use near-infrared imaging (NIRI) to scan teeth’ internal structure, making it easier than ever for us to detect interproximal (between the teeth) cavities.
Use real-time TimeLapse technology to help us compare how your teeth have changed over time.
Simulate the results of Invisalign treatment.
Function as an intraoral camera. It, therefore, allows us to easily examine parts of the oral cavity that are difficult to see without the aid of technology.
Benefits of the iTero Element 5D
Some of this tool’s most outstanding benefits include:

No more manual impressions. Manual impressions are uncomfortable, time-consuming, and not always accurate. Digital impressions are fast, easy, and reliable.
Reduce the need for X-rays. Of course, digital X-rays remain an important tool for us. However, iTero’s ability to help detect hard-to-spot cavities can make X-rays necessary less often. This minimizes our patients’ exposure to radiation.
Increased patient confidence. Some patients hesitate to commit to Invisalign because they cannot visualize their final results. The iTero’s simulation capability will help you see your smile’s future!
What to Expect During a Scan
The scanning process is a breeze. We simply activate the machine and insert its wand into your mouth. Depending on what we are using the iTero for, we may move around the oral cavity to capture digital impressions or search for cavities. The wand is small enough that it should not cause too much discomfort or pose a gagging hazard.

Invisalign & iTero Element 5D Plus
Invisalign tooth straightening treatment is a fantastic option for many patients daunted by treatment due to unsightly metal braces. This treatment implements clear aligners to treat crooked teeth in a discreet way. iTero Element 5D Plus helps your dentist to plan your orthodontic treatment and is compatible with the Invisalign system. With the digital scanner, your dentist can easily send your digital impressions to Invisalign Technologies, where your custom aligners will be created.

The Itero 5D Plus Dental Intraoral Scanner for CADCAM Process
iTero makes the first step of your Invisalign treatment simple. To begin, your dentist will use the iTero Element 5D Plus scanner
to take a complete, detailed 3D scan of your mouth. After that, your dentist will show you the scan on a computer screen. This will allow you to see how your smile currently looks from all angles.

Next, your dentist will use iTero technology to show you a 3D simulation of your smile after your Invisalign treatment is complete. Finally, your dentist will send your 3D scan to Align Technologies, where the Invisalign® technicians will begin to create custom aligners just for you.

The first 3D intraoral scanner with NIRI technology.
Near-infrared imaging (NIRI) technology lets you scan the internal structure of your patients’ teeth in real-time.

Scan patients’ teeth at every visit for comprehensive preventive and restorative oral care
Aids in detecting and monitoring proximal caries during every routine appointment, without using harmful radiation
In addition to offering all of the features and functionality that doctors have come to expect from the iTero systems, the iTero Element 5D scanner is the first integrated dental imaging system that simultaneously records 3D, intraoral color, and near-infrared imaging (NIRI) plus enables comparison over time using iTero’s TimeLapse functionality.

This fully integrated technology aids in detecting and monitoring interproximal caries lesions above the gingiva without radiation.

With one full arch scan, in as little as 60 seconds, the iTero Element 5D Imaging System provides powerful visualization capabilities, including:

3D impressions for restorative and orthodontic work
Analysis instruments, such as the occlusal clearance tool
NIRI imagery
Intraoral camera imagery
iTero TimeLapse technology
Invisalign Outcome Simulator
Invisalign Progress Assessment


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