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LPG Huber 360 Evolution

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Neuro Physical Training is a unique training that engages both physical and cognitive skills. Sessions are effective, motivating and fun. With HUBER 360 EVOLUTION, therapists can treat more than 90% of conventional disorders. Using it offers significant benefits when treating ankle, knee, hip, shoulder and back problems. This medical device integrates a functional assessment with 7 reference tests and proposes a complete and personalized report in PDF.

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LPG Huber 360 Evolution


With the Huber 360’s applications, professionals in Neuro Physical Training can address 90 percent of classic pathologies:

Knee (including joint replacement)
Hip (including joint replacement)
Pregnancy/ Post-Partum
Heavy Legs/ Poor Circulation
Senior Mobility/ Fall Prevention
Joint recovery
Muscle recovery
12 unique sports protocols

A multitude of preprogramed sessions:

HEALTH: rapid and independent patient rehabilitation
SPORTS: discipline-specific training programs
FITNESS: short, high-intensity sessions (10 min)

An integrated functional assessment designed for all types of patients to accurately evaluate their health and better monitor their physical rehabilitation.

Consists of 7 reference tests: stability, single foot balance, walking, stability limits, mobility restriction, strength and coordination.

A multiaxis motorized platform (LPG patent) equipped with force sensors
An infinite number of platform programs  to match different therapeutic needs

A tablet application with several features:

Functional evaluation
Create your own programs and menus
Patient’s progression monitoring
Monitor patients’ exercise remotely
Send Evaluations sent to patients and prescribers
Connection to the device
Connected technology (instant updates) with a dynamic, interactive interface

Targeted, progressive workouts with the dynamic posture corrector

LPG Huber 360 Evolution is a revolutionary innovation that provides patients physical and cognitive training in complete safety. Through a full-functional assessment, this Multi-Axis Motorized Platform with Force Sensors helps patients as they strengthen superficial and deep muscles to recover from joint replacement procedures, injuries, or other conditions. The remarkable platform design also enables unprecedented advances in the correction of posture, and in improved coordination and balance. For 30 years, LPG® has been proud to offer soft solutions for numerous indications.


New dynamic platform is faster and provides improved proprioceptive benefit for patients
Force sensors inside the platform
Dynamic posture corrector
Tablet app with wireless capability enables patient monitoring remotely
Instantly saves assessment


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