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Lutronic Spectra XT – Tattoo Removal

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Lutronic Spectra XT Laser Machine is an extended platform of the Spectra laser with more applications such as Gold toning with 595nm, RuVY touch with 660nm and Revital treatment with 1064nm. More wavelengths on offer and more options. Gold toning 595nm 595 nm is shown to be a safer wavelengths than 585nm due to its



Lutronic Spectra XT – Tattoo Removal

SPECTRA XT is the latest new cutting-edge device from Lutronic Corporation.

The Spectra XT is called “The Extended Platform” because of its widely-extended clinical indications and applications as compared to previous similar devices currently on the market.

In particular, its newly extended treatments, namely “Gold Toning” with 595 nm, “RuVY Touch” with 660 nm and “Revital Treatment” with 1064 nm quasi-long pulse (Max. 45 J / sec), offer more treatment choices to both doctors and patients, without the need to invest in additional devices separately.

Lutronic Spectra XT Tattoo Removal Q-SWITCH ND:YAG MULTIPLATFORM

The Spectra laser includes a variety of effective treatment options, adjustable Parameters for minimized downtime and four different adjustable wavelengths (1064 nm, 532 nm, 585 nm, 650 nm). Spectra offers several advantages over other lasers and offers in particular the newly expanded treatments, “Gold  Toning” with 595 nm, “RuVY Touch” with 660 nm and “Revital Treatment” with 1064 nm quasi long pulse (max. 45 J / s), more treatment options. The Spectra is the first Q-Switch Nd: which, in addition to the treatment of tattoos, is also approved for Melasma.

“RuVY® Touch” – 660 nm
The safest treatment for pigmented lesions, better than any others

RuVY Touch§ is a safety-proven new pigment removal treatment using a unique wavelength, 660 nm, that significantly reduces the possibility of having post treatment side effects such as PIH.

The lower absorption characteristics of 660 nm in oxy- and deoxy-hemoglobin allow vessels to remain intact even after laser treatment, therefore minimizing potential side effects such as PIH that usually occur as a result of inflammation.

* Safer than the previous 532 nm wavelength
* Still as effective as the 532 nm wavelength

Lutronic Spectra XT Tattoo Removal Specification

Wavelenghts1064/532/585/595/650/660 nm
TechnologyNd:YAG laser
Pulse durationQ-Switch-Mode 5-10 ns
Spectramode 300 µs
Pulse rate         S1, 1, 2, 5, 8, 10 (Hz)
STANDARD-HANDPIECE10 mm-Zoom- kollimiert: 2-10 mm (1064 nm) / 1.3-8.1 mm (532 nm)
Gold Toning: 5 mm
RuVY Touch:  2,3 mm
HANDPIECE (OPTIONAL)2-7 mm Zoom: 2-7 mm (1064 nm) / 1.3-5.2 mm (532 nm)
1064 nm fraktioniert:  6 x 6 (mm)
532 nm fraktioniert:  4 x 4 (mm)
2-mm-SD585: 2 mm
2-mm-SD650: 2 mm
Electrical connectionSingle-phase 220 to 230 V AC (fuse 250 V / 15 A) 50/60 Hz Power consumption: 3.5 kVA
Dimensions(mm) 295 (W) x 656 (L) x 1700 (H)
Weight (kg)77 kg



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