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Picasso touch screen 7W Dental Laser Diode Device

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The Picasso, the original or ‘flagship’ in the line of products, is a soft-tissue diode laser. Additional features include an innovative design, multiple programmable presets, a color touch screen, multi-lingual menu and low operating cost.

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Picasso touch screen 7W Dental Laser Diode Device


Soft-Tissue Diode Laser

The Picasso diode laser provides optimum power, precision, and portability for a broad range of soft-tissue procedures.

AMD LASERS recently launched the Picasso soft-tissue diode laser that combines ease of use with compact yet powerful design, delivering comprehensive results for virtually any diode procedure.

In addition to a broad range of dental surgeries (including second-stage surgeries1) it can be used to help sterilize canals in endodontic procedures, to treat periodontal disease, and as an aid in tooth whitening.

With an 810-nm wavelength and up to 7 W of power, the Picasso provides the optimal combination of clean cutting and hemostasis in soft-tissue procedures, precisely cutting gum tissue while eliminating bleeding at the site and reducing healing time. The laser features a touch-screen interface, continuous and pulse modes, 8 customizable presets, an adjustable aiming beam, US and international power compatibility, and a 2-year warranty. The price-point makes high-quality laser technology accessible to virtually all practitioners.

Ease of Use

Four of the 8 dentists who evaluated the Picasso rated ease of use as excellent and 4 rated it as very good. One dentist, who found it “very easy to use,” said the “fiber optic gets coiled sometimes” and another suggested a winding mechanism for the fiber reel. When asked about the usefulness of the preset procedures, 2 evaluators rated it as excellent, 4 rated it as very good, and 2 rated it as good. Seven evaluators rated the programmable manual settings; 5 as excellent and 2 as very good to good. One dentist called the touch pad “very easy to use.” An orthodontist evaluator noted that “simple controls allow you to make essential settings easily and quickly.”

Six evaluators rated portability as excellent and 2 rated it as very good. One dentist called it “the perfect size to transport from chair to chair” and another said it was “easily moved between rooms and fits on counters without a large waste of space.”

Power and Precision

Picasso’s power range was rated as excellent by 6 evaluators and as very good by 2. Both precision and ability to cut tissue with minimal damage were rated as excellent by 6 evaluators and as very good by 2. One dentist said, “With proper technique, you can achieve excellent results without charring, and which heal quickly within a week.”A Gainesville, FL dentist called it “much more comfortable [for patients] than the electrosurgery unit.”

Integration into the Practice

Ease of integration into the dental practice was rated as excellent by 7 evaluators and as very good by 1. Integration was described as “simple” by 1 evaluator and as “seamless” by another, who reported having a busy practice.

Training and customer service, rated as excellent by 5 evaluators and as very good to good by 3, were described as “excellent and unparalleled” by 1 evaluator. A San Jose, CA dentist said he received “all the training and service you could ever want,” and a Yardley, PA evaluator said, “The Academy of Laser Dentistry at the AGD provided 2 days of hands-on learning and certification in multiple types of lasers…great service.”

Overall Satisfaction

All 8 evaluators said they would definitely recommend the Picasso to colleagues; 7 said they would definitely purchase it and 1 said probably. Seven evaluators called it much or somewhat better than similar soft-tissue lasers. Overall satisfaction was rated as excellent by 6 evaluators and as very good by 2.

Price and warranty were rated as excellent by all 8 evaluators. One evaluator said, “You can’t beat the price” and a Michigan orthodontist said the Picasso “has all the features you need to do soft-tissue procedures in an orthodontic office quickly, reliably, and at a low cost.” Another evaluator noted that “size and price make it a winner to have in every operatory.”



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