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Planmeca Emerald FIT Complete CAD/CAM System

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The first step in using CAD/CAM technology is tooth preparation. Next, a digital impression is taken that sends the prepared tooth’s exact dimensions into a computer. Afterwards, the computer software creates a virtual restoration replacement part for the missing areas of the tooth. The software then sends the virtual restoration data to the milling machine, where the replacement part is carved out of a solid block of ceramic or composite resin. The restoration is adjusted in the patient’s mouth and cemented or bonded in place.

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Planmeca Emerald FIT Complete CAD/CAM System

In many cases, digitally produced restorations are equal to or better than restorations made using traditional processes. With specialized software, such as Planmeca’s FIT Open CAD/CAM system, clinicians can customize the restoration to perfectly fit the interproximal space. Having the ability to craft a restoration chairside to ensure the contacts are an ideal fit significantly reduces seating time and creates a more efficient process — not to mention a superior restoration. In comparison to chairside CAD/CAM, if a lab restoration doesn’t fit, in many cases it must be returned to be adjusted.

Are you looking to develop a fully integrated CAD/ CAM procedure in your dental practice?

From fast intraoral scanning to sophisticated design and high-precision chairside milling, the Planmeca FIT system includes all the necessary tools for a completely integrated and digital workflow. Offering you a complete streamlined process.

Patients become fully emersed in their treatment and they see their restorations coming to life in front of their very eyes.

Smooth Intraoral Scanning

Planmeca Emerald S intraoral scanner offers a great combination of speed and accuracy. The scanner is easy to use and capture digital impressions in vivid detail.

Efficient Chairside Milling

Planmeca PlanMill 40 S are ideal for efficiently producing restorations directly at a dental clinic. With automatic tool changers and smart tool paths optimised to suit material characteristics.

Planmeca Emerald FIT Complete CAD/CAM System One Platform

Avoid having different softwares for different procedures, with the highly intelligent Romexis from Planmeca. Seamless integrated workflow for you and your dental team.

Planmeca Emerald Complete System Open System

The flexibility of Planmeca’s software allows you to work together with your lab whilst still being in your practice, with no restrictions.

Planmeca was established in 1971 and is a Finnish manufacturer of high-tech dental equipment, such as 3D and 2D digital imaging devices, dental units, CAD/CAM solutions, and software. Planmeca offer dental clinics a completely digital solution, based on the capability to network all digital dental equipment with one software platform.

Patient Satisfaction

The Planmeca FIT System allows patients to be treated in one visit, with no temporary crowns or physical dental models required.

Smooth User Experience

With Planmeca Romexis software licensing, different work phases (scan, design and manufacture) can be performed simultaneously by different users.

User Friendly

Even your newest team members will want to work with this system, its so easy.


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