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Planmeca NEVO Intraoral Scanners Planscan E4D

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It makes plain sense to enter the world of intraoral scanning – digital impressions are more convenient for your team to capture and more comfortable for your patients. Planmeca’s intraoral scanners provide numerous advantages over other options.

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Planmeca NEVO Intraoral Scanners Planscan E4D

Fast and accurate scanning

Planmeca NEVO Intraoral Scanners Planscan E4D speedy intraoral scanners offer a uniquely smooth scanning experience. With integrated colour scanning and accuracy down to the micron level, they are ideal for capturing digital impressions – from a single tooth to a full arch. Completed scans are stored in the Planmeca Romexis software and immediately available for further use.

Several tip sizes

To cater to varying user needs, Planmeca intraoral scanners have removable tips that come in different sizes. All the tips are autoclavable and their seamless design further supports reliable infection control measures. Due to their active antifog feature, the tips are always instantly ready for use.

Open imports and exports

Planmeca intraoral scanners allow you to flexibly choose your preferred workflow, as they support both STL and PLY files – both widely used. An open architecture platform allows data and equipment to be seamlessly integrated within a clinic, while the open file formats facilitate easy collaboration with labs and other external partners. You even have the option to export multiple files as a single STL file.
If you prefer cooperating with dental laboratories, Romexis LabApp offers an easy and secure application for sending intraoral scans or other types of image data directly to your partners.

Planmeca NEVO Planscan E4D Plug-and-play connectivity

Our intraoral scanners can either be connected to a laptop or integrated into Planmeca digital dental units. This makes them very easy to share between different treatment rooms – just like any instrument. You can also operate the scanners from a dental unit foot control, leaving your hands free for scanning and other patient treatment.

Planmeca NEVO Planscan E4D Multiple workflow options

Our intraoral scanning and CAD/CAM solutions allow you to choose your own way, as Planmeca scanners support a wide variety of workflow options. You can either complete the entire workflow on your own – from scanning to designing and manufacturing – or flexibly collaborate with partners at any point. The choice is entirely yours!


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