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Syneron Candela Velashape III

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A non-invasive body contouring treatment for circumferential and cellulite reduction.
Body Contouring and Cellulite Treatment with our unique VelaShape III even after just one treatment.



Syneron Candela Velashape III

VelaShape III combines IR (infrared), bi-polar RF (radiofrequency) and vacuum to precisely heat the tissue up to 3mm and 15mm depth of the fat dermal collagen fibres effectively resulting in contouring, shaping and sliming of the body by improving cellulite and reducing circumference without downtime or significant discomfort.
VelaShape III RESULTS at beauty boutique londonWhat can you treat with VelaShape III?

Body Contouring
Circumference Reduction
Skin Texture & Tone

How It Works

Syneron Candela Velashape III technology works with a combination of infrared light, bi-polar radio frequency energy and vacuum, which cause deep heating of the fat cells, their surrounding connective tissue and the underlying dermal collagen fibers. This type of efficient heating, causing deep stimulates the growth of new and better collagen and elastin which results in a localized reduction in skin laxity, body volume, and an overall improvement in skin structure and texture.

VelaShape is not a weight loss treatment. VelaShape uses a combination of technologies to contour your body, reducing the trouble spots that diet and exercise can’t reach. The ideal VelaShape patient is someone with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of less than 30, who falls under The Nurnberger-Muller Cellulite Classification Stage 1 and 2. Ask your doctor to see if you’re a candidate for VelaShape treatments.

Which Body Areas can be Treated with VelaShape 3?

Syneron Candela VelaShape 3 treats cellulite on the lower body such as the thighs and buttocks. Contouring treatments can be safely and effectively performed on the chin, neck, upper arms, abdominal area, bra area, and love handles with no downtime and little or no discomfort.

What are the Indications of VelaShape 3?

VelaShape 3 can be used for the following treatments:

Before and after liposuction.
Body contouring
Cellulite reduction
Fat reduction in smaller areas such as the face, neck, and arms.
Firming of skin after pregnancy.
Skin tightening

What are the Advantages of VelaShape 3?

You will definitely love this unique skin rejuvenation treatment because of the following:

Results are clinically proven and are backed by clinical trials.
There is no downtime or any discomfort.
The procedure is suitable for patients with busy schedules (30-45 minutes long).
It can be performed safely on any skin type.

Technical Specifications

Radio Frequency PowerUp to 150W
Infrared LEDsUp to 3.3W
Light Spectrum850nm
VContour Applicator:
Small Cover
Medium Cover
Large Cover
VSmooth Applicator40X40mm
Weight20kg / 44lbs
Dimensions [W x D x H]38 x 49 x 132cm
15 x 19 x 52in
Electrical Requirements110VAC; 5A; 50Hz; single phase
230VAC; 2.5A; 50Hz; single phase


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