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Zeiss Clarus 700 Ultra Widefield Fundus Imaging

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CLARUS 700 from ZEISS was designed as a comprehensive ultra-widefield retinal camera for eye care specialists to capture ultra-widefield images in true color, with unsurpassed image quality and a complete suite of modalities including fluorescein angiography.



Zeiss Clarus 700 Ultra Widefield Fundus Imaging

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The ZEISS CLARUS 700 captures images that closely resemble the coloration of the fundus as it appears under direct clinical observation.

High-resolution FA

Ultra-widefield fluorescein angiography is a useful exam to identify diabetic retinopathy, especially visualizing the peripheral retina which is fundamental to assess nonperfused areas, vascular leakage, microvascular abnormalities, and neovascularizations. With the ZEISS CLARUS 700 ultra-widefield imaging and high resolution FA, the smallest details from ONH to the periphery can be captured in early phase.

A comprehensive imaging system

ZEISS CLARUS 700 combines ultra-widefield imaging with true color, excellent clarity and a complete suite of imaging modalities. Now you can manage all fundus imaging modalities without compromising image quality.

Advanced imaging features

ZEISS CLARUS 700 has introduced several new features that allow you to focus on what matters most – your patient. Through patented technology, these features using algorithms will maximize your workflow efficiency and decrease chair time

A glimpse into the future of disease management with ZEISS Imaging Spotlight

The ZEISS Imaging Spotlight features unique and challenging fundus imaging cases offering diagnostic insights to a range of pathologies. Every month the selected case will be published in Ophthalmology Management, both print and online, and will be part of the ZEISS Case Compendium.

Zeiss Clarus 700 Ultra widefield Fundus Imaging the next generation of fundus imaging systems from ZEISS provides True Color and exceptional resolution across an entire 200-degree ultra-widefield image – from the macula to the periphery – all while providing  an optimal patient experience.

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As the latest addition to the ZEISS ultra-widefield portfolio, ZEISS CLARUS 700 combines ultra-widefield imaging with True Color, excellent clarity and a complete suite of imaging modalities. CLARUS 700 takes all the features and benefits of the CLARUS 500 and elevates its application in specialty practices where Fluorescein Angiography (FA) is an important part of advanced patient care, making it the premium comprehensive solution.

The laser scanning technology creates an ultra-wide field of view of more than 200 degrees, and the device also contains angiography/autofluorescence modules for special questions. Clarus 700 makes unique, non-contact images of the retina.


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