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2020 Cartessa Virtue RF Microneedle

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RF Microneedling is one of the most in demand aesthetic treatments as patients today expect results with limited to no downtime. VirtueRF offers the utmost precision and sophistication for both provider and patient. VirtueRF tackles a wide range of patient concerns from fine lines and wrinkles, scarring, body treatments and precise applications for eyebags, festoons and buccal, jawline, periorbital and submental areas.

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2020 Cartessa Virtue RF Microneedle

The delivery of the SmartRF and DeepRF’s 36 gold-coated needles is controlled and smooth because of exclusive Robotic Precision Delivery (RPD). RPD ensures complete patient comfort and that the radiofrequency energy is administered at the desired depth. Providers can also breakdown the RF energy into sub-pulses to further increase patient comfort without turning down the total amount of energy delivered to the skin. To further patient comfort, a reusable cooling plate is available when delivering maximum energy to the body with DeepRF.

With the ExactRF handpiece, providers can do more to treat areas that demand absolute precision. This includes the periorbital area, eyebags, festoons as well as the buccal, jawline and submental regions.

Lastly, only the VirtueRF pairs every treatment with the most innovative post-care developed by leading skincare manufacturers to soothe the skin and eliminate redness.

2020 Cartessa Virtue RF Microneedle VERSATILITY & ROI
The range of skin types, face and body areas and aesthetic concerns that VirtueRF platform can address is exponential. VirtueRF is FDA-cleared for use with .5MHz, 1MHz and 2MHz. Plus, VirtueRF is the only device with RF Sub-Pulse technology. Providers can fine-tune the energy distribution to offer the safest and most effective treatment options to light and darker skin patients and tailor to specific skin concerns. Focus on preventative procedures to build collagen for younger patients or target laxity and deeper wrinkles for aging individuals.

More patients and treatment options mean more revenue for your practice. VirtueRF, the world’s first RF microneedling platform machine, is a premier revenue opportunity for aesthetic businesses.

The Virtue Microneedling SmartRF and DeepRF handpieces can be controlled via hand trigger or foot pedal and set to either manual or auto-modes. The two available auto-modes cut treatment times by up to 30%. VirtueRF also has several safety features including on-screen tip configuration confirmation, RF identification codes embedded in all authorized tips and tip cartridge covers to prevent misfiring and contamination.

This RF Microneedling machine boasts elevated design details including the three unique handpieces, a lower profile, longer cords and an ergonomic arm to distribute weight evenly to provide maximum comfort and mobility.




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