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2019 Lutronic Genius RF Micro Needle Microneedling

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The new LUTRONIC GENIUS® is a system for coagulation and hemostasis using intelligent radio frequency. With the LUTRONIC GENIUS you achieve excellent treatment results and smoothing of the skin, such as acne scars. It has a protected impedance scan and an algorithm to ensure maximum safe power supply.


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2019 Lutronic Genius RF Micro Needle Microneedling

What is Lutronic Genius?
Lutronic Genius® delivers precision in every pulse. Exact depth is impeccably achieved with superior needle and handpiece design, ensuring consistently brilliant results on face, neck and multiple body areas. Pinpoint coagulation zones are achieved while maintaining maximum patient comfort through Real-Time Impedance Monitoring.

Key Benefits
— Confidence of offering optimal treatments-customized every patient

— Real-time feedback of total energy delivery

— More comfortable treatment experience

— Presets and needle tips for all skin types and multiple body areas


3 Clinically-backed Facts:
• Genius is the first and only SECOND GENERATION RF Microneedling device on the market with exact needle insertion depth and intelligent, real-time feedback of pulse delivery

Continual impedance monitoring optimizes each pulse delivered and determines actual energy delivered to tissue.

• Hundreds of physicians have completed thousands of Genius treatments, which contribute to the ongoing development and optimization of validated protocols and presets

2019 Lutronic Genius RF Micro Needle Microneedling Includes:

  • Lutronic RF System
  • Genius RF Macro Handpiece
  • Footswitch
  • Power Cable

– Mfr: Lutronic
– Model: Genius
– Mfr Date: 04-12-2019
– S/N: G0119D041

Pulse Count:  12560

LUTRONIC GENIUS® offers the user automatic tissue impedance control with real-time feedback and enables accurate energy delivery regardless of skin resistance.

The precise supply of energy creates coagulation zones that stimulate the formation of new collagen and elastin.

The LUTRONIC GENIUS® needle and tips are manufactured in our in-house production in compliance with the highest quality standards.

NEW: The GeniusM Handpiece was specially designed to treat and improve acne scars on the face.



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