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2020 DEKA Motus AX Laser Hair Removal Device

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Pain-Free Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal
Revolutionary Motus AX Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Bolton

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2020 DEKA Motus AX Laser Hair Removal Device

The Motus platform is the first high-speed Alexandrite laser that allows light AND dark skin tones to benefit from the effectiveness of the Alexandrite wavelength.

In fact, the Motus AX laser hair removal treatment is fast, painless and effective on the widest range of skin types, more than any other laser hair removal treatment. It is also highly effective for treating pigmented lesions.

Applications of the Motus AX Laser:

Laser Hair Removal

Pigmented Lesions


Hair Removal Laser: Starting the Real Revolution

The missing insight that was missing in the laser removal sector. A single compact system combining the outstanding Alexandrite 755 nm laser source capability with total safety and comfort.

2020 DEKA Motus AX Laser Hair Removal Device with Moveo HR.
The Real Revolution in the Hair Removal Universe

The new handpiece technology integrates a sapphire tip that comes in contact with skin, reducing the reflected energy loss. The new hair removal method consists of repeated passes on the skin’s treated areas that cause gradual heating of the vital parts of the hairs.

Moveo PL: The new Moveo Handpiece for Pigmented Lesions
DEKA introduces the new Moveo PL handpiece, which extends the advantages of Moveo technology to the treatment of benign pigmented lesions.

This new 7-mm handpiece allows to treat skin spots by progressively heating the lesion. Compared to the traditional “single spot” technique, the Moveo PL handpiece guarantees excellent efficacy without causing discoloration or hypopigmentation.

No Reflection = 100% Of Energy Absorption

The total adherence of the handpiece on the surface to be treated resets energy dispersion, thus obtaining 100% of energy absorption, which means that to obtain the same results we need lower power compared to other systems on the market.

Maximum Effectiveness at Lower Power = Total Safety

The cumulative laser emission allows to deliver an amount of energy at lower power pulses that leads to hair destruction in a way that is totally painless for the patient and side-effects free, such as burning or discolouring, also in darker skin types.

DEKA Motus AX Hair Removal Standard Handpieces
– Choose up more than 10 standard handpieces
– Different spotsizes available (2.5 – 20 mm)
– Automatic spot recognition system
– Ergonomic connector for air-cooling devices


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