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2021 DEKA MotusAY Dual Nd YAG Alex Laser

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The total adherence of the handpiece on the surface to be treated resets energy dispersion, thus obtaining 100% energy absorption, which means that to obtain the same results we need lower power compared to other systems on the market.

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2021 DEKA MotusAY Dual Nd YAG Alex Laser

Motus AY
A Jump into the Future of Hair Removal and Vascular Treatments for all Skin Types
Motus AY is the new system which combines Alexandrite with Nd:YAG laser sources covering all applications in dermatology.

Alex (755 nm)
The only effective treatment for fine and fair hair.

(1064 nm)
It penetrates deeper into the skin to be effective in vascular treatments (both face and legs).

Moveo Handpiece- Available for both Alex and Nd:YAG
The new handpiece technology integrates a sapphire tip that comes into contact with the skin, reducing the reflected energy loss. The new hair removal method consists of repeated passes on skin treated areas that cause gradual heating of the vital parts of hair.

Inside Moveo Innovation
Moveo handpiece drastically reduces the amount of energy reflected by the skin by working in contact with the skin at lower fluence. This exclusive technology is available for 3 applications.

Focus on Hair Removal
The multiple passes of Moveo HR over small defined areas cause gradual heating and destruction of unwanted hair.

Focus on Pigmented Lesions
The new MOVEO PL is indicated for skin age and sun spots progressively heating the pigmented lesions.

Focus on Skin Rejuvenation
The multipass controlled action of MOVEO SR causes a progressive increase in heat at dermal level, which stimulates a neocollagenic process.

2021 DEKA MotusAY Dual Nd YAG Alex Laser 755 1064 Hair Removal

Focus on Vascular Lesions
The specific action of Moveo VL acts directly and effectively on vascular redness.



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