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Carestream 3600 CADCAM Scanners Dental Intraoral Scanner

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Carestream cs3600 Dental Intraoral Scanner Unit is designed to simplify the process with features an Intelligent Matching System, continuous scan tips, and HD 3D pictures.

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Carestream 3600 CADCAM Scanners Dental Intraoral Scanner

your practice integrates a Carestream cs3600 Intraoral Scanner into your systems, you’ll experience faster, easier and more open scanning capabilities. The Carestream cs3600 makes scanning brighter and will accommodate to the services your practice handles, if its cosmetic, restorative, or implant-related, it is going to capture it quickly and efficiently.

Take smarter scanning into your hands. The Carestream cs 3600 intraoral scanner is unique since it uses constant scanning to significantly reduce the time necessary to scan a patient, thus, less seat time. The Carestream cs 3600 intraoral scanner also lets you fill missing scan information as required by simply returning to that area of the mouth. Its intelligent and intuitive design allows you to jump into any position in your mouth during a scan.

Carestream Dental has announced the introduction of new updates to the purchase applications because of the CS 3600 intraoral scanner.

The newest update introduces smart scanning features, such as real-time and high-resolution scanning feedback, including color-coding to indicate holes or gaps in the dataset, and guide arrows that lay out the ideal way to rescan the missing information.

High-Speed Continuous Scanning
The unique scanning capacities of the Carestream cs3600 makes it acquire a scan. Makes it faster than ever to get a scan. Makes it faster than ever to get a scan. Makes it faster than ever to get a scan. Makes it faster than ever to acquire a scan. Makes it get a scan. Makes it faster than ever to acquire a scan. Makes it quicker than ever to acquire a scan.

Continuous scanning permits the user to scan smoothly, greatly reducing. This high speed makes it perfect for dual-arch scans. Additionally, since movements–like the user’s hands shaking or the patient changing–have little to no impact on views, scans can be completed despite interruptions to workflow.

Any Time
Complete any missing data in any place.
Concentrate on your patient, not manipulating software or buttons. The CS 3600’s Intelligent Matching System allows users to fill in missing information for any area in the data collection for scanning. There’s no need to indicate a specific place to the system or to follow a direction.

Full HD 3D color graphics offer enhanced picture quality with more vivid color and feel.
The show, do not just tell your physician. The HD 3D color feature provides improved 3D images in striking high-definition for much better doctor/patient communicating and enhanced case approval.

These highly-detailed images provide the precise detail needed for automatic or manual margin lineup identification. Additionally HD 3D color digital impressions give referrals and labs an view of an individual’s mouth, leading to improved accuracy and enhanced communication.

Whether your practice handles orthodontic, restorative or implant instances, the Carestream cs3600 adjusts to your needs by making your digital impression workflow easy and fast.

The CS 3600 intraoral scanner out of Carestream Dental puts smarter scanning at dentists’ hands if instances are handled by your clinic, the CS 3600 is adaptable and creates belief capture simple and fast.

Use the scanner as a simple solution and send scans to the labs of your choice. Integrate with CS Solutions CAD/CAM restorative portfolio for complete chairside restorative workflow.

Fast and efficient digital models for study or for use in fabrication of appliances.

Dedicated workflow designed for implant-bourne restorative scanning that supports abutments and scan bodies.


-High speed continuous scanning provides a super quick simple, smooth and effective user experience
-Facilitates a wide assortment of applications, with dedicated workflows such as restorations, -orthodontics and implant-borne restorations
-Intuitive, manual step-by-step user interface helps to simplify the transition into a digital workflow
-Precise, accurate full 3D HD color scanning provides superb picture quality
-Open system scanning provides optimum flexibility thanks to . stl and . Ply file sparks

– Laptop (Windows)
– Imaging Software (pre-loaded)
– CS License Transfer to New Owner
– 90 Day Warranty
– Standard Delivery
– Free Standard Set Up and Training



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