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Medit T710 Blue Light Dental Scanner

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With the auto-alignment feature on Medit Scan for Labs, you no longer need to align your Prep data with the Base data because the software will do it for you! This feature also works for the Prep data when scanning flexible multi-dies.

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Medit T710 Blue Light Dental Scanner

Medit T710 desktop scanner is equipped with a fast scan engine and highly efficient software algorithm which works in tandem to produce a full-arch scan in just 8 seconds. The advanced, high-speed positioning system of the new T-Series is designed for optimal performance for your laboratory, speeding up your workflow and increasing productivity.

The T710, with its new four 5.0MP-resolution cameras system and blue-light scanning technology, ensures your models and impressions are fully scanned, eliminating all blind spots.

Medit T710 can be used to scan all indications, including implant cases, impressions, and replica dentures. The model also features a flexible multi-die function and fits any articulator available in the market, allowing for maximum compatibility.

Why the Medit T-Series? It’s a simple choice.
Superfast scanning
With our high-quality hardware and optimized software, scan a full-arch in just 8 seconds with the T710.

High accuracy
4-micron accuracy: ISO 12836

Open system
Enjoy the freedom of our open system which allows you to import and export files in STL format so you can design on virtually any software.

High-resolution cameras
Our 5.0MP cameras ensure high-resolution detailed scan data. With the four-camera system, the T710 covers a wide scan area, eliminating any blind spots.

Say goodbye to stacking half-jigs for the correct scanning position with our auto-elevation feature. For your ease of use.

Integration with Medit i500 intraoral scanner
Need additional scan data? With the Medit Scan for Labs software, you can now add scans using our Medit i500 intraoral scanner!

Integration with various CAD software
Scan data from our Medit T-Series can be used in a wide range of software, giving you the freedom to work with your preferred design program for a variety of dental applications.

Flexible multi-die scanning
Make your work more efficient by using the flexible multi-die to scan a full-arch or partials with multiple dies simultaneously.

Auto-elevation of scan platform
Color texture
Flexible scanning included
Articulator scanning included
Replica denture included
Orthodontic scanning included
Impression scanning included
Includes Exocad:
Crown and Bridge
Implant Module
Medit Scan for Labs
Introducing our new lab scan software, Medit Scan for Labs.

Optimize your digital workflow and get even more productive with all our new innovative features.



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