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Vectra H2 Facial Scanner

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Vectra H2, a 3D imaging system for Body Scanner. The device comes with a high definition capturing technology that can show even the smallest details in great resolution. The high-resolution image allows for accurate visualization and simulation of the effects of each treatment. With this, you can find the best aesthetic solution for imperfections.



Vectra H2 Facial Scanner

Automated Markerless Tracking provides a dynamic assessment of skin surface changes

  • Canfield’s proprietary Markerless Tracking technology is a quantitative approach to soft tissue assessment that characterizes the degree of stretch, compression, lift and volumization.
  • Dense image to image correspondence enables fine-scale 3D biomechanical analysis.
  • Skin surfaces are automatically aligned, tracked and mapped.
  • Vector arrows provide a precise indication of the direction and magnitude of skin movement, which is ideal for encouraging future treatments.
  • Physician review of outcomes helps refine treatment techniques.


Vectra H2 is a portable device that makes it easier to capture high definition images. This convenient imaging system also comes with a technology that can measure the captured area of face, breasts, and body. The various features of Vectra H2 can show patients the current condition of their skin and body. This will help doctors show the imperfections that can be modified to get desired result. The image captured also helps create an exact 3D model to simulate the effects of various treatments. With this, patients can choose the best treatment suitable for them. Below we list the many benefits of getting Vectra H2 assessment.

VECTRA H2 by Canfield is a 3D imaging system for Face and Body. This camera features lighting and flash systems to allow for capture high-resolution images. These images are imported into the special software system. This software allows for the assessment of tissues and exploration of the potential results surgical or non-surgical treatments may achieve.

  • Vectra H2 3D Scanner
  • Soft Carrying Case
  • SD Memory Card, (4) Batteries and (2) Chargers
  • 1-Year Warranty, Including Support & Updates
  • Remote Installation & Training
  • Free Shipping & Handling

Vectra H2 Facial Scanner offers an all-in-one portable lightweight 3D imaging solution ideal for facial, breast and body aesthetics. Delivering precision optics for high-resolution 3D images, the intuitive system is easy-to-handle and ready to use with minimal staff training.

  • A completely self-contained solution, the unique and innovative raised flash provides raked lighting to better capture and view skin topography and body contours for the most realistic assessments, simulations and patient education.
  • The VECTRA H2 provides two unique sets of ranging lights – one for face and one for body – to ensure optimal capture distance and resolution.
  • Markerless Tracking allows you to reveal the changes.


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