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Ivoclar PrograMill PM7 System

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The PrograMill PM7 sets new industrial standards for the digital production of restorations in the dental laboratory. Its powerful dynamics and performance capability make it the premium machine in the PrograMill portfolio.

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Ivoclar PrograMill PM7 System

Maximum power and impressive efficiency

If efficiency and performance are what you are after, then the high-performance PrograMill PM7 is the right choice for you. This machine is suitable for a versatile variety of materials and applications in wet and dry operation.
Equipped with a high-performance spindle, the high-power 5-axis milling machine efficiently produces restorations that are distinguished by their outstanding surface quality and excellent accuracy of fit.

Ivoclar PrograMill PM7 System – your benefits

Minimal cleaning effort

  • In-built ioniser: neutralises the static charge of the acrylic shavings produced when processing PMMA (e.g. Ivotion) so that these shavings can be easily evacuated
  • Automatic self-cleaning function due to Active Air Suction

Autonomous operation

  • Automatic change between wet and dry operation ( hybrid operation )
  • 20-position automatic tool changer
  • 8-way material changer (for up to 8 discs and 48 blocks) and fully automated material management based on RFID technology

Intuitive operation

  • Integrated user interface with touchscreen display
  • Straigthforward material and tool management
  • Clearly structured job management

Maximum performance

  • Highly dynamic and productive operation based on servo drive technology and high-performance spindle
  • Full variety of materials and applications due to simultaneous 5-axis kinematics
  • 970 Watt power for precision results

A wide range of applications using high-end materials

The PrograMill PM7 provides powerful processing of a wide variety of materials. The field of applications spans veneers, crowns, digital dentures, abutments and splints and the materals include glass-ceramics, e.g. IPS e.max CAD; zirconium oxide, e.g. IPS e.max ZirCAD; PMMA, e.g. Ivotion, and alloys, e.g. Colado CAD CoCr4. The PrograMill PM7 delivers fast and precise results consistenly. RFID technology enables the PrograMill unit to automatically identify the Ivoclar material being used and apply the correct milling strategy and tools.

Ivoclar PrograMill PM7 System Features & Benefits Overview:

♦ Robust system hardware including servomotors and high power spindle

♦ Hybrid operation: Automatic change between wet and dry operation

♦ Integrated ionizer and automatic cleaning function

♦ 20-position tool changer for independent processing

♦ Automatic 8-material changer utilizing RFID technology

♦ Intuitive user interface for convenient operation

♦ Distortion free machine bed

♦ Quick release system for millable materials

♦ 970 Watts of power provides excellent milling of a wide spectrum of materials

♦ Integrated CNC PC and intelligent machine management


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