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NeoGen SPA Nitrogen Plasma System

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NeoGenSPA effectively treats skin types I – IV and is ideal for treating darker skin types due to its limited energy output.



NeoGen SPA Nitrogen Plasma System

The NEOGEN SPA NITROGEN PLASMA SYSTEM is the next generation of plasma technology, launched by Energist, purposely designed for Beauty  Therapists , Skin Clinics, Spas, Medispas and Beauty Salons. Nitrogen Plasma Technology delivers controlled heating to the skin architecture stimulating a significant physiological response, without creating an open wound. Unlike ablative technologies, there is no epidermal vaporisation or charring caused at the time of treatment.

NEOGEN SPA offers a quick easy and extremely effective way to treat a multitude of client concerns simultaneously with no risk of adverse effects or downtime.

The unique energy delivered by NEOGEN SPA NITROGEN PLASMA is non-fractionated, non-ablative and not dependent on a chromophore for its uptake. This provides uniform energy absorption, ensuring consistent treatment of the skin every time.


The NEOGEN SPA is the perfect choice to treat ageing skin, a revolutionary system that improves photo-damaged skin, bringing fresher, firmer more youthful-looking skin, improving fine lines and sun damage. It’s the only treatment that has a proven record of generating new skin – with results and improvements for up to a year after the initial treatment.

For clients who are not quite ready for more invasive surgical techniques, NeoGenSpa offers a quick easy, and extremely effective alternative. NeoGenSpa is an alternative for patients looking at no downtime, highly tolerable procedures while obtaining clinical improvements.

NeoGen works at and below the surface of the skin to modify the skin’s architecture, generating new collagen and elastin fibres. This gives clinical improvements in skin tone, texture, and laxity which are seen immediately. Improvements also continue up to one year after treatment. Results usually are immediate and progressive.

Treats the Whole Skin Architecture

Treating all of the skin ensures quality, consistent, long-lasting, and simultaneous improvements in fine lines, skin laxity, skin texture, and photodamage. No islands of untreated skin remain.

NeoGen SPA Nitrogen Plasma System Acne Treatments

NEOGEN SPA is a clinically proven huge benefit for clients suffering with acne. The Nitrogen plasma purges water from the skin. Without moisture bacteria cannot survive, making NEOGEN SPA an ideal treatment for clients with active acne. It is the only device on the market not contraindicated with Accutane!

Eye Region Treatments

NEOGEN SPA is not a light source. Treatment around the eyes is safe to perform without the need for ocular guards, licenses, or special room preparations. There is a 12mm coverage per shot of pure Nitrogen Plasma Energy with no dots or charring. Treatment is quick, easy, and pain-free delivering results that continue to improve over time.

Unique Technology with Proven Results

NEOGEN SPA converts nitrogen gas into plasma energy, the fourth state of matter. The plasma emerges from the handpiece in controlled pulses and rapid heating of tissue occurs as it gives up its unique thermal energy to the skin. Plasma skin treatments are well researched and clinically proven worldwide and are popular in the USA, Asia, and Europe. Thousands of treatments have been carried out to date and numerous clinical studies support this as a safe and effective treatment for all skin types.


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